How Our House Fire Made Me Happier Than Ever

June 27, 2018


 2017 was a bumpy year. Everyone has their ups and downs but 2017 in particular tested my resilience as a mom, wife, employee, friend, daughter, sister and basically all around human being.


“Why was it so bumpy?”, you ask. We had a pretty serious house fire on November 1, 2016. Luckily nobody was home, including our beloved dog, Fox. I’d like to blame all of our problems of that year on our house fire, but the truth is life gets hard sometimes. The fire certainly didn’t help. Being displaced and losing most of our belongings was a definite set back… or so I thought.


EVERYONE has these stretches in life. And we should all expect more than one.  Some have it far worse (a statement that was on constant repeat in my head). However, the severity of life’s challenges doesn’t mean certain people deserve help while others don’t. Distress, grief, pain, confusion, restlessness, sadness, frustration…these emotional undercurrents can pull to the surface through the simplest everyday stressors. A closet bursting at the seams. Toys EVERYWHERE. Drawers filled with crap you never use or you can never find when ACTUALLY needed. An office in total disarray.  A yard project. A move. A deadline. SO. MUCH. TO. DO.


“Okay, Liz… what are you going to do about it?”, I asked myself. During that time I re-evaluated our association with "things" and "stuff" and decided I wanted our family to live a more streamlined life. By "streamlined", I meant I wanted to keep things simple, thoughtful and purposeful. "Simple, thoughtful, purposeful" became my mantra as I was re-furnishing our house, re-building my family's wardrobe, styling our home with decor, organizing our kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, playroom, etc. With this approach, I found myself feeling more balanced and a hell-of-a-lot happier. There were fewer things to stress about and I liked the sense of freedom that came with it.


What else did I gain? TIME. Precious time! By reorganizing the everyday stressors to make them more simple and manageable, I found myself with more time. Time to spend with my family and friends. Time for other pursuits I was more passionate about!


I’m not a doctor or mental health professional of any kind and I won’t insinuate that my services are the key to unlocking balance in your life; BUT, an extra set of hands and an extra brain coming from someone friendly and capable would have been a great help as we did our “stretch” in 2017. (This isn’t to say our family and friends weren’t wonderful, because they were!!)


I got through it and have tried to learn as much from my experience as possible. I started offering assistance to friends who needed basic help as well as more complex assistance. From organizing a playroom or closet to decluttering and styling a home for selling (or in many cases living), I have helped friends get some of their stressors in order all while staying true to my foundation of “simple, thoughtful, purposeful.” Just like that, a business was born!


So I left my job and have been taking on these projects ever since. To say "I love what I do" would be an understatement. But “loving what I do” isn’t even the best part. It’s the happiness and relief clients tell me they’ve felt that makes this world so exciting and rewarding for me.  


You can learn more about services here. And to book a consultation, contact me here.


“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Ian Maclaren

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